Why the House of Prayer in Skopje?

Jesus is building His house of prayer across the Balkans.


The House of Prayer – Skopje, Macedonia is not a local church, but a ministry functioning as part of the Body of Christ seeking to glorify Jesus and strengthen our brothers and sisters. We want to help and inspire the local churches to develop deeper prayer ministry and in that way to become a dwelling place for God that goes beyond our weekly two-hour services.

It is clear from the history that every revival came as a result of people coming together in unity, humility and brokenness before God to simply worship Him and seek His face. This is something that we want to see in Macedonia! We stand with many others crying out for a Church united in prayer, crying out with one voice, one song and one desire, for heaven to invade our nation and our region until we see the fullness of His glory when He returns.

Jesus is building His house of prayer across the Balkans. According to Isaiah 56:7, every local church in Macedonia will discover their identity as a part of God’s praying Bride, a house that is called “my house of prayer.” As a people, we were created to live out the ministry of Jesus from the place of worship and intimacy with God. We are His dwelling place. We are the house of prayer!

We believe that this is a crucial time in which we are living. There is no time to lose! The Lord is calling the church of God in Macedonia to wake up to the reality and the eternal purpose for which she was established to function as the Bride of Christ, through intimacy preparing herself ready for the coming of the bridegroom, Jesus Christ, rooted in the Word of God, walking in the priestly identity.


As the House of Payer in Skopje, Macedonia (MAKHOP), our main desire is to minister to God’s heart by standing before His presence to worship and exalt Him. We do this simply because He is worthy of our praises, worthy of our devotion, and worthy of our time.

It is our desire that of the place of intimacy in worshiping God, that we will encounter and partner with Him through prayer and intercession according to the desires of His heart and His Word.

As we worship and pray, we grow in knowing the heart of our loving Father so that we are equipped, overflowing with His love and compassion to go out and minister to the people around us according to the gifts that God has given us and according to the place of ministry He has placed us to be.


The House of Payer in Skopje, Macedonia (MAKHOP) facilitates a place where everyone can come and spend time in God’s presence, in an atmosphere of worship and prayer, centered around the Word of God.

MAKHOP serves as a House of Prayer for the whole city of Skopje and the nation of Macedonia and in that way be a blessing for every believer, church, Christian organization and the whole country.

At the same time we look to encourage and inspire every church/organization to become house of prayer/prayer room in themselves by finding and establishing their own suitable way of expression of worship and prayer and in that way minister to God’s heart so that out of that place we all will be strengthened and equipped to do the mission that God has called us to do.