Equip & Sustain the House of Prayer in Macedonia

After 5 years of meeting in temporary and strategic locations, House of Prayer in Skopje, Macedonia has a permanent place to establish night and day worship and prayer to Jesus for the Balkans and to serve our community.



Despite being the biblical region of the first Jesus-followers in Europe, Macedonia is home to 5 unreached (predominately Muslim) people groups, the largest of which comprise some 30% of the population and has no church at all. Nationwide, less than 1% of the population of this post-communist country has a personal relationship with Jesus. Facing slow progress in church growth and increasing social/ethnic barriers to “conversion”, there is widespread agreement among local church pastors and foreign ministry workers that an important key to spiritual breakthrough in the country is extraordinary prayer across the whole body of Christ. 

In response to this, the House of Prayer was born. The House of Prayer in Skopje, Macedonia (MAKHOP) exists to bless Macedonia by aligning her spiritual atmosphere with heaven through glorifying Jesus in worship and prayer, blessing the church through teaching and encouraging unity, and blessing our community through service and compassion.

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MAKHOP has rented an amazing facility in the diplomatic center of Macedonia’s capital, Skopje. This building has a prayer room that can seat 30+, a training/kids’ room, guest room with housing for up to 6 guests or interns, office space, and a kitchen. It also has an enclosed patio for outdoor kids’ play and group gatherings.

Beyond being a dedicated location for the city-wide prayer room, it has been our dream to use a future building as a resource to house visiting teams and open opportunities for work among children in our community. We have also been invited to host Balkan-wide training schools in coordination with other regional HOPs, YWAM, and IHOPKC’s music academy – this is now possible with the acquisition of this facility.

UPDATE: As of Dec 2017, a small local church (Glastnost) – having grown out of their house church – is using the facility for their Sunday church services for a period of time. It is our joy to be a blessing to all of the local churches in the city, and this is just one way we can help.


The first year of rent and utilities were provided through a miraculous encounter with a stranger in the archeological ruins of Philippi in Greek Macedonia, the city of the first European believer (Lydia) and first church community in Europe (Acts 16).

With the rent covered by this stranger’s church in the US, we are seeking to fund the setup for the facility as a resource for the region and prayer room for the city of Skopje. Funds underwrite the costs of equipment for the prayer room and the materials and initial facilities equipment to get the building functional as a guest house, meeting location, office, and great place for kids (see below for budget).

We would love to have you be a part of what God is doing in Macedonia through the House of Prayer! Please join us as a member of the MAKHOP Support Team and be a significant part of the future of this work in the Balkans.

Thank you!

We have 2 important ways to partner with the House of Prayer in Skopje:

1. Sustaining monthly partnership with the House of Prayer.

We have a $1,000 monthly budget, which covers our monthly rent and utilities on the new House of Prayer facility (including power, water, heating, taxes, etc.). Your monthly support of the House of Prayer will create the sustainability needed to provide a permanent and ongoing prayer room in the nation of Macedonia.

Would you consider joining our support team for $50, $100, or $250 p/month (5%, 10%, or 25% of budget)?

How can my ministry or house of prayer help specifically? We have a goal of financial partnership of 5 houses of prayer, as part of an intentional plan for mutual encouragement, training, and support (including exchanging staff and hosting teams). Please contact us if you are interested in learning more!

2. Special gift to help equip the physical facility of the House of Prayer.

You can sponsor an item, or contribute to helping us reach our goal. These are all practical needs – no fluff included! (please see budget below)

Special Giving Budget


Beds for Guest Room (6): $785  (or $131 apiece)
Bedding & Pillows for Guest Room (6 sets): $120 (or $20 apiece)
Refrigerator: $240
Shower Refurbishment Supplies: $180
Tables for entry, fellowship room: $190
Cajon/Hand Drum (1): $160
Computer (1) (for Prayer Room + Office): $500
Prayer Room Display/TV for Webstream (1): $250
Storage closets for office supplies, music equipment, etc : $200


Sound Board (1): $500-1000
Speakers (2): $500-1000
Monitors (3): $600
Microphones (6): $500
Mic stands (5): $150-200
Music Stands (5): $175
Snake Cable connector (1): $150
Cables for the mics (7): $50
9-volt batteries: $30
Chairs for prayer room & fellowship room: $690
Carpets for upper and lower floors: $650
Curtains/blinds: $380
Toys & toy storage: $250
Lamps/lighting: $200

Prayer Room


Guest Room

BEFORE & AFTER – Needs Bunk Beds & Furniture

Meeting & Children’s Room






Welcome Entryway



Back Patio/Children’s Play Area

BEFORE & AFTER – Needs Table & Chairs

Building Front



Thank you!

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