Ministry Job Opportunities

Ministry Job Opportunities in the House of Prayer


Job Title: Full-Time Worship Leader or Intercessor

Job Description: You will join our team of worship leaders and eventually form a team with locals to lead multiple sets each week at the MakHOP. You will attend weekly MakHOP staff meetings and bible study. Time set aside for language learning will be encouraged. You will also be expected to join other local ministries that MakHOP partners with and reach out to Macedonians, Albanians, or Roma people with the love of Jesus in practical ways.
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Requires support raising which we are ready to help you with!

Job Title: MakHOP Hospitality Coordinator

Job Description: You will help with design and usage of the MakHOP building. This will include helping to coordinate upgrades and repairs as well as making the building more functional and colorful. A main part of the job will be looking for partnerships with churches and HOP’s around the world and inviting them to sent prayer and worship teams to Macedonia. You will help develop those relationships and then coordinate logistics for the teams coming. The MakHOP building itself should be able to sleep 8-10 people.

Requires support raising which we are ready to help you with!

Job Title: MakHOP Media Coordinator

Job Description: You have a passion and vision for using audio and video production to share the message of Christ. You will be responsible to set up an audio/video studio that will be used in various ways to build up the body of Christ in Macedonia and the Balkans and to share the Good News. You will work with local musicians and worship leaders to write music and record it in studio. You will go on location to capture video that shows the needs and opportunities in the land and also shows what God is doing and how He is working.

Depending on your skills and experience there could be some salary associated with this position.
Requires raising funds to purchase audio/media equipment for MakHOP.

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