Archive of Christian Worship Songs in Balkan Languages

Why an online worship chord archive for the Balkans?


The House of Prayer in Skopje is called to build up the church across the region in worship and prayer – be it a house church meeting in a living room, a large community meeting in a building, or an individual worshipping Jesus with a guitar in their bedroom. Rather than each community creating duplicated translations of songs from another language, this chord chart archive is a collaborative project to share these informal/unauthorized translations (as well as sharing any new songs the Lord has given you in your language). 

Please use select below for Christian worship chords in the following regional languages: English, Macedonian (македонски јазик), Albanian (Gjuha Shqip), Croatian (Hrvatski Jezik), Serbian (Srpski Jezik), Greek (ελληνική γλώσσα), and Bulgarian (български език).

For Turkish language, please click here for an extensive database of Christian worship chords.

For Albanian language, please click here for an extensive database of Christian worship chords.

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